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Mr Dauben and his brother Paul are both doing very well. His older brother
, who now has a master's degree in biochemistry, does computer programming and is renting houses to individuals. They have two caring parents. The father owns his own energy consulting business, and is in the attic. David's Mother has recent profession in social work and enjoys helping other people.

Also, there are some favorites that I have collected. I hope you have interest to this or have help for this or was hoping to contribute. My addresses on housing can be found here. I hope you can come back.

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Webdesign by Dauben was formed in April, 2013, but its roots go back to February of 1992 with the founding of one of a subsidiary of Dauben International.

Our experience in the early days of the commercial Internet helped establish our foundation and expertise as the leading provider of commercial Data Center and Hosting solutions in the region.

Having been profitable since our inception, our strong financial foundations ensure stability and predictability in all aspects of our business. As a privately held, family owned business, we do not have a group of shareholders or board of directors to answer to � giving us the agility and flexibility to provide best-of-breed, affordable solutions for your business.

Our customers are our number one focus, and we will do what it takes to win and keep your business. Here is the Weblog.

In the years since Webdesign by Dauben was founded, much has changed about the company and about the Internet itself. However, the commitment to our mission has never wavered -- provide the highest-quality webdesign services we possibly can.

Webdesign by Dauben has expanded from its humble beginning to truly impressive numbers. The original site has been replaced by a site that has whmcs, a much more feasible reason to offer a paid support team to our clients. What was once a single subsidiary of Dauben International, we are now an independent corporation with our own license.

Thanks for coming to this website. I hope that you can come again soon and have enjoyed your visit.