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Simply said, a webhost is a place of residence for your website. Just as a computer stores documents and programs, a webserver contains the html (hypertext markup language) files that make up a website. A webserver is comprised of a special computer that has a continuous connection to the internet and server software that allows others to view the pages via any web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. Thus, a URL (unique resource locator) is needed so others will know how to find your website.

Using your ISP's homepage space

Many individuals place their website on the free homepage space that is provided by most internet service providers. This works well for personal homepages. If your name is Jane Doe and your sign-in name is jdoe, the URL for your homepage might be http://www.aol.com/jdoe.

Registering a domain name
Businesses will normally register a domain name so that the URL corresponds with the name of their company. This is a more professional approach that signals to the prospective client that the company is in good professional standing. For example, a URL for a company called Microsoft might be http://www.microsoft.com and their email address might be support@microsoft.com, or john.doe@microsoft.com. To register a domain name, there is an annual cost of $35.

Several options are available for registering a domain name. Some people will use the webhosting service provided by their ISP. This is usually a more expensive approach and may require that you establish a business account. There are services which will host a website for free if you purchase the domain through them or agree to place one of their ads on your website. We recommend one of the several low-cost, high quality webhosting services.

 Plans Personal Standard Advanced
 Disk Space 250 mb 500 mb 1gb
 Bandwidth 1 gb 2.5 gb 5 gb
 Account Cost $6.95 $12.95 $17.95
 POP3 Accounts 25 50 100
 FTP Accounts 2 4 6
 Databases 3 6 9
 Subdomains 1 2 3
 Parked Domains 1 2 3