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Planning and Design

Prior to contact with WBD, it is important for the customer to determine the major purpose of the website. For many small businesses, the major goal is to produce a website that is both informative and pleasing in appearance. As another example, the small business may wish to sell a product or service online. Accordingly, the website will need to be designed in a way that allows for the payment of goods and/or services online. A planning and content development worksheet is available to assist in the preparation of data. This worksheet is also available as an MS Word document in a compressed format. 

After initial contact, an appointment will be arranged to discuss the needs and goals of the customer. At this meeting, we will discuss the various steps in the design process and discuss the interactions that will be needed. Generally we prefer to meet personally at the beginning and end of the design process. In between, we suggest communication by way of telephone and by email. At any time, the customer should contact us if there is a problem, question, or simply to stay in touch.

What we will need
For the first appointment, we will ask the customer to provide written content for each of the proposed pages of the website.  This information should be as complete as possible so that the design process can proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Other pertinent items should also be brought to the meeting, including photographs, company logos, company brochures, pamphlets, newspaper ads, and business cards.

How long will it take?
The length of the design process depends on the needs of the customer, the complexity of the site's design and content, and our work load. Although we do not employ full-time staff, we will strive to complete the website in a timely manor.

Customer Satisfaction.
Your satisfaction is important to us. You will have the opportunity to review the website as it is being constructed online. At any time, you are free to contact us to let us know if there are any concerns or questions. Ultimately, we are hoping that you have a positive experience with WBD and will recommend us to others.