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WebDesigns by Dauben (WBD), located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides high quality websites to small businesses, organizations and individuals. Websites have become particularly common for the small business as a way of keeping in touch with its existing customers and to reach a new, international market. This trend is so prevalent that it is now a negative factor for the small company that does not have a website. WBD would like to help you build an attractive, affordable website.

As a starting point, we suggest that you carefully review the information contained in the Planning and Design area. A worksheet is available to assist in the planning process and in the development of the content in a finished format.
Our experience is the design process works best where the client has a clear picture of the objective of the website and has carefully organized the information to be presented. Webhosting Options discusses the various alternatives for the storage of the website. The individual may prefer to use the personal space allowed by many of the common Internet service providers. The small business will probably wish to register a domain name with a webhosting service so that the location of the site will correspond with the name of the business. A small fee is required for webhosting and registering a domain name.

The Portfolio provides links to other websites designed by WBD. These will give you an idea of the excellence and attention to detail of the websites designed by WBD.  Services and Pricing discusses the costs and the various options for the design and maintenance of a website.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.